Bed Bug Agreement

The manager (or owner) must indicate the date on which he signs this document in the blank line called “date”. Then he or she must sign the blank line with the inscription “Property Manager / Landlord” to show that the content of this document is true. Any tenant who signs the lease must also read and sign this form. He or she must first find the tenant`s signature under the landlord`s signature and then report the date on which he or she will sign these documents. Once this date is indicated, the tenant must sign his name in the “tenant” line. There is enough space for two clients, but if more than two signatures are on the list, each must sign this document. This can be done either on a labeled appendix or simply by adding an additional line in this form for additional customers on the date and signature. With an agreement like this, if you signed the endorsement, provided and confident that there were no bedbugs (after the 48 hours) and suddenly you will be bitten and are now responsible for the treatment fee if there are bedbugs. The following addendum relates to bed bugs, in accordance with state law, and is hereby titled “Bed Bug Addendum Agreement”. The contracting parties are: I definitely learned to read before signing a lease the hard way!! Convened for renewal. I don`t know what I signed. I will never sign a bed bug supplement again. The disclosure template can be opened and then saved on your computer by clicking on this link: Maine Bedbug Infestation Disclosure.

If you have an editing program that is compatible with this file version, you can use it to enter information directly on the screen Otherwise, you can fill out this form manually as long as it is readable and in blue or black ink. . . .