Boeing Terminates Agreement To Establish Joint Venture With Embraer

Last month, Embraer suspended its financial guidance for 2020, given the continued impact of the COVID-19 virus, noting that the company suffered a net loss of nearly $US 210 million in the fourth quarter of 2019, mainly due to expenses related to the planned joint venture with Boeing. The parties had planned to establish a joint venture comprising Embraer`s commercial aviation business and a second joint venture to open new markets for the C-390 Millennium medium airlift and air mobility aircraft. Contact Allison BoneBoeing Communicationsallison.bone@boeing.com 425-879-3417 Personally, I couldn`t give any stuff, As it all came from a Boeing “conspiracy, it was about trying to destroy the CS 200/300 program with the import of huge tariffs in Cahoots with the old man of Orangeboy Trump and buying and promoting the OLD Boeing B737, which is now null!!!!! Although Airbus came to the rescue and came out of the water quite surprisingly as a supporter under the name of Airbus and import tariffs etc. In 2018, Boeing announced the creation of a joint venture with Brazilian manufacturer Embraer. There has been a blocking (and unlocking) of the deal by the courts, EU investigations and delays. Although the deal has received some support from the Brazilian government and the CEO of Lufthansa Group. Less than a month ago, Embraer expected the deal to be struck this year, though delayed until June.