Coalition Government Agreement

In the coalition agreement, the government defines what it wants to achieve in the next legislature: for example, a reduction in unemployment, a cleaner environment without harming the economy and more money for education. The coalition parties want to implement as many of their party programmes as possible in the coalition agreement. The coalition will seek to reach an agreement between landowners/tenants and the tourism sector, in collaboration with national and local authorities, on how to sustainably organise nature excursions and coordinate fees, etc., in order to promote stable and safe working conditions for the tourism sector. Angela Merkel`s conservatives insisted not to make any further concessions to the Social Democrats before the coalition`s formal negotiations began. SPD delegates are due to vote on the provisional agreement next week. (14.01.2018) As regards expenditure, the agreement obliged the government to carry out a comprehensive review of government spending, including a comprehensive review of strategic security and defence, which is expected to be completed by the autumn, an increase in the actual resources of the National Health Service and funding for disadvantaged pupils outside the normal education budget. It would also establish an independent commission to verify the long-term affordability of public sector pensions and restore the income commitment for the basic public pension from April 2011. Britain`s independent nuclear deterrent would be maintained, but the proposal to replace the Trident system would be revised to a cheap price-quality ratio. Tripartite negotiations between these parties will lead to short- and long-term objectives for a greener island in the Faroe Islands. The goal is an economy that does not need outside help and in which people and industry have the freedom and opportunity to settle their own affairs and your future. This is achieved through robust entrepreneurship support systems, under which the private sector and the government organize a growth forum to maintain economic growth through tax incentives.

In the area of taxation, the agreement committed to increasing the personal income tax abatement to £10,000 by 2015 in order to remove many of the lowest salaries from the tax system.