Horse Purchase Agreement With Buy Back

Tampa, Inc. Horse Adoption Contract and Whole Blood Sale Contract by Tampa, Inc. a florida non-profit and 501(c)(3) P.O. Box 1621 oldsmar fl 34677-1621 Adopt Name Address City,. Contract of sale without warranty attests this contract on that day of , 20 , of and between , hereinafter referred to as “seller” and , hereinafter referred to as “buyer”. For and against the sum of $, the seller agrees to sell and buy. Pre-emption clauses are sometimes the source of disputes in the equine industry. This can happen when horse buyers submit their contracts and forget years later the promises they made. Sometimes these clauses are as vague or unenforceable as they are written so that the parties do not understand their rights and duties.

Presale interstate delivery agree p.26 8/6/15 9:15 am page 1 presale interstate delivery agreement (necessary for California revenue tax exemption) Date: The following horses were from me de los alamitos equine sale co. Teaching Convention Waterford Solar Stables, llc 33822a hwy 20 east troy, wi 53120 2625142797 .sunfirestables.com jennifer gaudes certified instructor 2622107297 horseaholic73 hotmail.com please read carefully before signing serious injuries. Sellers support the sale of horses 1. The seller for the sale is peter milling &company 105/107 macquarie street, dubbo nsw 2830 from 35 078 934 013 2.Seller seller appointment (subject to compliance. Appendix b to the demonstration contract this schedule is the indemnification clause of the agreement of and between dfs gourmet specialties inc, a Utah Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Boss Shamy) and , (hereinafter referred to as the company). Stallion Service Auction Agreement The undersigned, owner/agent of stallion hereinafter referred to as donor, makes a free donation to the paso fino horse association, inc., 4047 iron works parkway, suite 1, lexington ky 40511 below. Sales Agreement # Final Agency Confirmation 1 Buyers and sellers confirm that they have received the disclosure brochure from the Oregon Real Estate Agency, and acknowledge and approve the following agency relationships in this transaction: 3. If you add “pre-emption” clauses in your horse purchase agreements, design the language very carefully and consider seeking a lawyer, to contribute to it.. . .