Italian Subject Verb Agreement

In other words, it may be that native speakers of Italian actually defend grammatical rules that allow for an over-generalization of male coherence. Otherwise, it may reflect the fact that the competence of spokespersons is such that it is relatively vulnerable to accepting false conformity marking in a condition – such as the mixed sex condition – where the wrong shape of one of the two objects is a combination. 2Verb are not normally marked for sex in Italian. There are three exceptions:1) verbs that require the “being” when used in current perfection. In this case, the past participation of the main enterprise must correspond to the subject (e.g. .B. la mia amica è partita `my friend:fem left:fem`); 2) all verbs when used in forms of passive analysis (e.g. .B. la porta è aperta dalla segretaria “The door is opened by the secretary”). . .