Socio Economic Agreement Nwt

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is responsible for negotiating these agreements on behalf of the Government of the Northwest Territories. They reflect the commitments and predictions made by the company during its environmental assessment, including: the ministry also oversees the implementation of these agreements and coordinates the government`s efforts under each agreement, while monitoring how each company fulfills its respective responsibilities. A socio-economic agreement is a follow-up program to the environmental assessment. Only in this way will the GNWT be able to deliver on its promise and responsibility for the judicious use of our natural resources. De Beers Group is committed to sustainable development in areas near its mines and has signed six impact profit agreements for Gahcho Kué with local Indigenous communities, as well as a socio-economic agreement with the Government of the Northwest Territories. Diamond mines in the Northwest Territories continue to provide significant socio-economic benefits to NWT residents and businesses and generate significant revenues for the territorial government, according to the 2018 Socio-Economic Report on Diamond Mines Operating in the Northwest Territories. The report, presented by the NWT government in May 2019 to the Legislative Assembly, contains introductory messages as well as the economics and economy, employment and participation, training, well-being and engagement sections. The discovery of the Kimberlit Victor Cluster in 1987 through De Beers exploration was the first economic discovery of diamonds in Canada. Of the 18 kimberlite tubes discovered on the property, 16 are known to be diamonds. Mining companies are now committed to cooperating with municipalities and governments to achieve significant benefits in the regions where they operate. Through various agreements, efforts focus on objectives such as training, employment and business.

Below you will find links to the socio-economic agreements of mines and other resources. When an environmental assessment is organized for greater resource development, the GNWT requests follow-up programs in the form of socio-economic agreements. To learn more about the benefits of NWT`s diamond mines, please check out the latest socio-economic reports here: Victor was an isolated fly-in/fly-out mine in operation between 2008 and 2019. It was Ontario`s first and only diamond mine and the second in Canada for the De Beers Group, according to Snap Lake. The site is located in the James Bay Lowlands of northeastern Ontario, approximately 90 kilometres west of the coastal municipality of Attawapiskat First Nation. The mine was officially inaugurated on July 26, 2008 and production ceased at the end of May 2019. Victor officially entered the closure in July 2019. In the early years of operation, Gahcho Kué has received numerous awards, some of which are listed below: The company is committed to sustainable development in local communities: During its existence, the mine has signed four Impact Benefit agreements with four indigenous communities. . . .