Sum Of Money Due By Certain And Expressed Agreement

A legal event is compensated and a legal basis is therefore required to determine when two or more gross claims are compensated. One of the common forms of these legal bases is the legal defence of the requisition, which was originally introduced to avoid the unfair situation of a person (“part A”) who owed money to another (“part B”) can be sent to the debtors` prison while Part B also owed money to Party A. The law thus allows both parties to defer payment until their respective claims are tried. It worked like a fair shield, but not like a sword. According to the judgment, both claims are extinguished and replaced with a single net amount (for example. B Part A of Part B 100 and Part B Part A 105, both amounts are compensated and replaced by a one-time commitment of 5 from Part B to Part A). The solicitation can also be contractually agreed, so that in the event of a party`s default, the amounts due will be automatically compensated and cancelled. Absolutely: unconditional; full and complete; Finals; without restrictions or conditions. Acceleration: justification for a default maturing just before the expected date. Accident: an unforeseen and unforeseen event. It can be an accident or a happy event. Accommodation: 1.

A favor that will end regardless of monetary or other reward. 2. A friendly solution of differences. Agreement: an agreement between two or more parties to settle their disputes or claims. Account: an unsettled debt based on transactions that have established a debtor-creditor relationship. Accounting: A set of records or data that includes all activities related to a particular activity or article. Accredited: Recognized as worthy and recognized. An accredited law school is a school accredited by accrediting bodies in different states. Accrued: Increase, z.B.

to earn interest added to the principle. Confirmation: check whether a document has been signed voluntarily and voluntarily. Known: have knowledge; you know each other well. Acquisition: To buy or acquire property. Acquisition: Something you bought, donated or inherited. Acquittal: not guilty; Let`s free him. Acquittal: a statement that nothing is due. Report: Finish a meeting until another date. Adjudge: redistribute; Condemning; I judge him. Adaptation: a tally of a claim that often determines a compromise acceptable to both parties. Administrator: The personal representative of the estate of a deceased.

A manager, too. Adopt: Take like yours; . B the passage of a law. Adult: the legal age of the majority. In most countries, you are more “adult” at 18. advance: payment made before maturity; prepayment pending future debt. Unwanted interest: interest that partially or totally supersedes your own interest. Negative points: interest, rights or positions that negatively influence. Advice: advice; to give advice to share it. Lawyer: A lawyer; someone who gives legal advice and pleads for a client in legal action. Case: legal action; It`s a big deal. Even a romantic relationship, usually non-marriage.

Affiliated: one of them making a sworn statement; A deposit. Affiliates: one of them making a sworn statement; A deposit. Sworn insurance: a written statement of facts that was made and signed by an agent before a notary or other authority entitled to take an oath and signed. Affinity: The bonds and relationships between a person and their spouse`s blood relationships. (A judge is disqualified from a case if he or she is in some way related to one of the parties at trial or if he has an affinity with one of the parties to the trial.) Confirmation: confirmation or ratification; an appels court upholds or contradicts a decision of a preliminary proceeding.